About Melissa's Damn Cards

Melissa’s Damn Cards are made while swearing in Indiana. Cards and stationery are hand-typed by Melissa, using upcycled materials as a canvas for fucking amazing messages and greetings.

I love to send a greeting card, and for any occasion. What was missing for me in the traditional drugstore setting is for the less-celebrated happenings and for when life punches you in the face. Some examples - I saw that your ex is in jail. Or, I've been thinking of you since that unfortunate eyebrow waxing incident at the mall.

So, I started creating my own cards and own messages. More often than not, those messages included a significant amount of swearing. Why? Because, sometimes, there's just no other word. And, science says that people who swear are smarter. I just really wanted to be able to send a card to a friend saying it fucking sucks that your mom has cancer and left out the image of the watering can with flowers - a poor option at the drugstore.

It's also super important to me that I use as many upcycled/trash/almost free products as possible. You'll find items made from discarded materials, packaging from my favorite toaster pastry and scrap paper when I printed the wrong thing (again) on the printer.

Need a card for an occasion that you can't find here (or anywhere)? I'm always up for suggestions. Hit me up at melissasdamncards@yahoo.com.